Safa Warda

Im a model from the Chicago area.

Hi. Im Safa. I live in the Greater Chicago area and have been modeling for a short time now. I have built my portfoilio up and have been receiving great reviews on my work.

I am single, which is hard at times, especialy when it comes to getting everything done in a day that needs to be accomplished but on the over all Im happy being me.

I love modeling. I have spent my time learning and improving. In the future I intend to step out from infront of the camera and be an inspiration behind the scenes, paying attention to creativity, angles and imagery for that planed out shoot with the kaos durring the shot style.

As you can see I have a talent for the "Pin Up". Being sexy and creating an air of getting that special look is so fun and exciting. Keeing it simple and real is always a way to entice the fantasy.

I Look forward to reading your comments on my work. Its aways thrilling to see a few words of apperication.



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